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News for February 2016

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Alex Williamson / Guinness

Alex Williamson collaborated with Guinness to create three Malaysian-inspired limited-edition designs in celebration of 50 years of brewing in Malaysia Guinness, Malaysia’s favourite black brew, unveiled Alex Williamson’s three limited-edition designs for its Foreign Extra Stout bottles and cans at a spectacular launch event at the Intermark Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The three limited-edition designs are a marked departure from the brand’s iconic black and gold visuals. This is the first time that Guinness has worked with an artist to create brand new limited-edition designs specifically for one country, drawing inspiration from its culture and its people. Each one is bursting with vibrant colours and intricate patterns, inspired by the wealth of history and culture Malaysia has to offer, each design representing a distinct era in Malaysia’s journey – stretching back to Malaysia’s tribal roots, through to the age of independence, leading into the modern day and looking ahead to ...

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UNA / FIA Formula E

UNA worked with FIA Formula E Racing to develop the advertising collateral for the 2015 - 2016 FIA Formula E racing season featuring 11 races in 10 countries. This exciting job is still in production and once completed will consist of ten race location images and twenty driver illustrations. Travelling the world, the Formula E circuit travels from Beijing China - Putrajaya Malaysia - Punta Del Este, Uruguay - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Mexico City, Mexico - Long Beach, U.S.A - Paris, France - Berlin, Germany - Moscow, Russia - London, UK. The cars, unlike Formula One cars are electricity powered and quiet, and the tracks run through major cities instead of on a designated race track, making for thrilling city viewing. UNA were directly inspired by the location, with each illustration either being based around a landmark or cultural iconography. The imagery appears en masse across various promotional material in each city, and can be found on locations such as football field sized LED bi...

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Patrick Morgan / Wanderwoman

Début Art is proud to announce the up-coming exhibition of Patrick Morgan: Wanderwoman, which will be held at the Coningsby Gallery from 29 February 2016–12 March 2016. Wanderwoman is an exhibition which discusses, disrupts and responds to today’s digital female nomad, who travels without moving. The work looks across the spectrum of process and narrative to discuss the construct of the digital native; the world is bigger but personal ownership has evolved into an excess of super expensive materialism. The digital nomad tries to break free of capitalism to create an environment from limited resources, combining both analogue and digital processes to make a multifunctional art. From sculpture to product, the concept can be rearranged or dissembled to become a rug or a wearable wrap. The work analyses the female figure who is trying to locate and understand not only what women want, but the world in which they are immersed. From being a housewife to a single mother or a working prof...

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